McGuffey Art Center - Winter Botanical Painting Class


McGuffey Art Center - Winter Botanical Painting Class


This 6 week Thursday morning class (10-12) will introduce you to basic botanical painting. We will focus on end of winter plants such as berries and nuts. The classes are for all levels and take place at McGuffey Art Center. The classes run from January 24th until February 28th.

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Here is the supply list. I try to keep it simple and most items can be purchased at The Art Box (near Foods of All Nations) or online at Dick Blick. I included a few notes below.

In the first two classes, we will work on exercises and basic skills and paint in one color (sepia). During the third/fourth weeks, we will transition to using color and mixing. The final two weeks will be time for you to develop a painting of your choice using skills in class.


Fabriano artistico HOT press paper (traditional or bright white), 300 lb. If you can, cut the piece (into 4 equal pieces although I can do that in class for you. You can also find this as a pad of paper that is already an ideal size (11 x 14 is good). Arches is just not the same and is not as smooth. If you have a really hard time getting a sheet, let me know. Sometimes a student in the class will offer to buy a large pack of 10 sheets online and then students individually pay that person back. You will not need paper the first class. The Art Box typically has this paper.

Round watercolor brushes size 2, 4 (kolinsky sable are best) Winsor Newton series 7 are good, Raphael Kolinsky #8408, size 2 or size 4 are my absolute favorite but can be expensive. 

water dish/jar (a small short jelly jar works fine)

watercolor palette (I recommend a flat white dinner plate, seriously), please NO plastic!

kneaded eraser

tracing paper (roll or pad)

HB pencil

a portable desk light 

Let me know if you have any questions. You will NOT need the paper the first day of class but try to locate the brushes. I will provide the paints. You can park at McGuffey behind the building (but not against the building). I will have a parking pass for you the first day of class.

*Please note that there will be no refunds within one week of the start of class*